About Us

Otaku Acoustic is an anime & video game music acoustic cover band. We perform our own acoustic covers and renditions of opening and ending theme songs from select anime shows, cartoons, and video games.

At various Texas-based anime conventions, we are musicians, playing anime songs at random hallways.

We LOVE audience participation! The louder the crowd sings along with us, the better we sound! Convention security and staff love us (we think..) :p

On YouTube, we are an anime music cover band.

We're always interested in collaborating with other singers and musicians who share the same interest in the sub-genre of music that we play.


We are not just some band. We are also attendees and participants to local anime events, doing our best to support, help and volunteer to those who run and in charge of them. We're just out to make friends who share the same enthusiasm for the subculture we all enjoy.