Saturday, April 26, 2014

Otaku Acoustic - A Cruel Angel's Thesis (acoustic cover) - Neon Genesis Evangelion opening theme

Here's our cover of "A Cruel Angel's Thesis", the opening theme song to the anime show Neon Genesis Evangelion! This is our first time using Sony Vegas Pro 11 to edit and process our videos prior to posting them on YouTube. We hope you like it!

A Cruel Angel's Thesis (acoustic cover) - Neon Genesis Evangelion OP

I know it has been over 11 months since we recorded a video at home. We actually recorded three more other songs after shooting this. We plan to post one video each Saturday.

Facebook Page friends and fans will not get this site-only exclusive info, but the next videos we will be uploading are:
  • Bouken Desho Desho (acoustic cover) - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    (season 1 opening theme).
  • Bit by Bit, I'm Falling Under Your Spell (acoustic cover) - Dragon Ball GT opening theme.
  • The Real Folk Blues (acoustic rendition) - Cowboy Bebop ending theme.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cosplay Day Out 2014; Egg Rolls, Music, and Spontaneous Sing-A-Longs...

We had a blast playing our music for everyone who attended COSPLAY DAY OUT 2014! We met a lot of wonderful cosplayers and several new friends. 

Before we arrived at Cosplay Day Out, we stopped by Godo's Bakery & Restaurant and ordered 200 bite-sized egg rolls to provide snacks for the attendees. This is now a part of CDO's tradition on behalf of Otaku Acoustic, because in many ways, the event itself helps promote us by letting us provide musical entertainment for everyone.

Even though we had every chance to play our whole list of 26 songs, I limited our selection to probably about 7. We only played the songs that are known to get the crowd's attention, such as the Pokemon theme, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the newest addition to our cover song list: Sakura Kiss (opening theme for the anime series Ouran High School Host Club).

We also offered to provide the event coordinator our equipment to host their Cosplay Contest. But what I didn't know was, we were going to be hosting the contest. Luckily, our friend Xeric Castillo was there. When I asked him if he could announce the names of the cosplayers competing in the contest, he agreed without hesitation. Who would've thought he was actually an excellent host. He's normally quiet.

While the judges of the cosplay contest was interviewing the cosplayers, we decided to entertain the contestants with random songs and throughout the judging phase, we were all just singing along to sing-a-long songs like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and Sublime's What I Got, etc. This was so much fun! 

Thanks to all of you who hung out with us and sang along. We look forward to seeing you again at conventions, meetups, and other anime / cosplay related events!