Friday, March 21, 2014

Otaku Acoustic: Live @ Anime Matsuri 2014

This weekend, my music project "Otaku Acoustic" attended Anime Matsuri 2014 at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX. There, we played over 25 anime cover songs, most of which were songs we recently just learned.

Here's a very short clip of us playing the "Pokemon Theme" with the crowd singing along:

Otaku Acoustic - Pokemon Theme (LIVE @ Anime Matsuri 2014, Houston, TX)
Video provided by AAC Studios

We had lots of fun playing for the anime convention crowd, probably the most fun we've had so far! The convention staff was very accommodating to us, since we were granted permission by the convention chair a week prior to the event. And as always, the people that attend Anime Matsuri are always welcoming to new ideas.

Of course, we are very thankful to all those who left us tips and gave us compliments and constructive criticism. We're always open to suggestions and song ideas.

Check out the Otaku Acoustic Youtube Channel:

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just a Few Photos of Us at Anime Matsuri 2014

Whenever we play our music at any anime convention, we always see a lot of people taking pictures of us. Most of them are also record videos of us with their phones as well. We totally do not have a problem with that, and as a matter of fact, we encourage it! The only thing that we ask is if they can tag us on Facebook or YouTube by using the words "Otaku Acoustic" or "OtakuAcoustic". 

Sadly, that is not the case. They forget to tag us. We almost never see pictures of us on Facebook. We almost never find any video clips of us on YouTube. 

But every once in a blue moon, a few of our friends will run into pictures or videos of us and eventually, we get notified. It gives us a lot of excitement when that happens. No matter the quality of the photos or videos, we would normally go out of our way to thank those who took pictures or videos of us. 

These photos were taken by friends who happen to be passing by during our performance at the second floor of the convention center.

Saturday, March 15, 2014: The following photos were taken by our friend Jade Killebrew.

Just goofing around during a little intermission.
Photo taken by: Jade Killebrew

Friends taking pictures with us! It's our friend Calvin Wilson!
Photo taken by Jade Killebrew

Sunday, March 16, 2014: The following photos were taken by our good friend and co-league Jan Paul Yap.

We really appreciate these photos of us!