Sunday, May 21, 2017

Clarification On Our "Otaku Acoustic" and "Kawaii 5-O" Identity Crisis

Hello everyone! Roger here! I'm posting this article on our official blog / website to clarify and explain how and why our band is currently going through a little bit of an identity crisis, or crises. While I am at it, I will be telling a brief story to elaborate on how we came about with the names.

Who is Otaku Acoustic?

Otaku Acoustic is our band. Initially, when the band was just composed of Melanie (Fullmetal Geisha... <-I came up with that, too. More on that later.), the idea was to fuse both words together. But saying either Otakustic or Otakoustic did not sit too well with both of us. Having studied terminology courses (Melanie=Legal, Me=Medical), both naming fusions would change the meaning of each word root, and using a combining vowel only exacerbated things. So we kept the two words separate and just... ran with it.

For the first three years, we used Otaku Acoustic as our official name when performing live at anime and comic conventions. Joey and John eventually joined the band and all four of us found decent success just using the name Otaku Acoustic.

Who is Kawaii 5-O?

Before the turn of the year 2017, we have been experimenting on using electric guitars, real drums, electronic drums, without trying to do away with our acoustic origins. A local anime rock cover band that I personally admire, called "Black Paper Moon" inspired me to accept that maybe my own band could gain more attention and crowd by attempting to do what they do.

During one experimental practice, I pretended to introduce the band by saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the new Otaku Acoustic, Kawaii Five-O!!!" as a joke. For some reason, everyone just laughed and claimed that it was the perfect name. I personally refused using the name initially, because it sounds like it is a name that could already be taken. But to my surprise, it is not. Melanie, being in the legal field, do what she could legally to claim the name. By the time everyone agreed that we will use the name, Melanie decided that we would have to use Kawaii 5-O as an official format, because it could pose risks in using the word "Five" in our name. Why? Hawaii Five-O.

The name KawaiiFiveO is a username that I use for one of my characters in Elsword. Obviously, it is a play on words based on the TV Show title Hawaii Five-O. Originally, it started off as a joke, but now, everyone in the band decided to just... run with it.

Kawaii 5-O is our alter-ego when the band is using, at the very least, the electronic drums. I still have the option of using the acoustic guitar, but I am free to use distortions and other effects that are available.

The last character in the name is a capital O, but sometimes, a 0. This is still being disputed by the band, despite having legal ownership of both formats.

The difference between Otaku Acoustic and Kawaii 5-O:

  1. Obviously, the instruments that are used in the ensemble. During our Otaku Acoustic performances, the most distinct feature that many would notice is the acoustic guitar and the cajon drums. Bass player has to use an electric bass on both identities.
  2. Kawaii 5-O uses an electric guitar, and an electronic drum kit. Soon, each member will have a less-casual attire during live performance, and we will all be in some type of official costume. 
  3. Although Otaku Acoustic can take on larger stages, we prefer to use our Kawaii 5-O mode. However, in smaller venues, where loud music and stage space is limited, we normally use our Otaku Acoustic mode.
One of our goals is to sign up for a convention under both names (of course, with the panel / events coordinator knowing this idea). and play using the two different modes to see how quickly people will catch on to the fact that it is the same band.

To complicate things further, the idea of using a totally different name for our band's comic-con / American-based music cover mode has recently been mentioned. Not sure if the band can manage using three different names, but I do not think it is a bad idea. Some of the band members however, think that this idea is overkill. :p

Feel free to comment and share any ideas that you may have. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Thank you very much!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Otaku Acoustic - Live @ Comicpalooza, Houston, TX

Hey everyone! We are proud to announce that will be coming to Comicpalooza Comic Convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center (Houston, TX) this weekend to perform our acoustic covers and renditions of anime, video game, and TV show theme songs. We will be doing three panel-style mini-concerts, a few hallway / line entertainment performances, and a cosplay kick-off party by Comicpalooza. Here's our live performance's schedule:
  • Thursday, June 16, 2016 @ 11:30pm (30 min): Comicpalooza Cosplay Kick-Off Party, Live Sports Bar & Grill (407 Main Street, Houston, TX).
  • Friday, June 17, 2016 @ 7:00pm (1 hour): Panel-Style Mini-Concert (Panel Room 10 - 371E)
  • Saturday, June 18, 2016 @ 1:00pm (1 hour): Panel-Style Mini-Concert (Panel Room 7 - 351E)
  • Sunday, June 19, 2016 @ 2:30p (1 hour): Panel-Style Mini-Concert (Panel Room 5 - 360C)
  • Live Hallway Appearances and Performances - This will be spontaneous and in accordance to the Line Entertainment team of Comicpalooza. We could end up playing for the autograph lines, admission lines, or panel lines. If you see us, feel free to say hi and take pics / videos of us.